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My name’s George Moutsouroufis. Back in the old country, my Grandfather was a farmer. His dad was a farmer, and his dad… well, you get the picture. As a kid, I’ll never forget when my Grandpa had a bad year farming and the bank turned its back on him. I vowed that when I grew up, I’d become a banker so I could help farmers… NOT hurt them. But I quickly learned that bankers have to FOLLOW BANK RULES, so instead I became a Financial Planner and a licensed Mortgage Broker. I opened up EXPERT MORTGAGE and now specialize in agricultural lending.

With over 400 private lenders to back me up, I SET THE RULES!
Most banks underwrite loans using standard commercial lending guidelines that don’t make any sense for farms. Talk to us if you’d like to…

  • Buy more land or newer equipment
  • Repair or construct new buildings
  • Refinance your existing debts
  • Buy quota

We can offer qualified farmers…

  • Up to 80% of FULL farm value
  • Up to 30 year amortization
  • Operating lines of credit

Call EXPERT MORTGAGE even if everyone else has said NO! With over 400 PRIVATE LENDERS at our disposal EXPERT MORTGAGE can get you a mortgage even with…

  • Bad Credit
  • Poor cashflow
  • Power of Sale
  • Mortgage Arrears
  • Tax Arrears

"We were 6 months behind on our mortgage and the sheriff was coming in 5 days to lock us out of our home. Every other mortgage broker said NO! I can't believe you were able to get us a second mortgage that fast. You saved our home and I will refer everyone I know to you."

C.C. Oshawa, ON

"I'm self-employed with bad credit related to a past business failure. My new venture was goiong great and I wanted to buy a home, but the bank would not qualify me for a mortgage. I didn't know about private lenders until I saw your flyer. Thanks for fulfilling my dream of being a home owner."

R.Z. Toronto, ON

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